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Volume 1/Issue 5 – March 2022

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March is Lymphedema Awareness Month

We want to help your patients dealing with chronic lymphedema whether it is related to a cancer diagnosis, a defect in the lymphatic sys-tem, or related to chronic venous insufficiency. We employ 3 certified lymphedema therapists with 135 hours of specific training in lymphede-ma treatment. Patients affected by lymphede-ma have a much better outcome if treated early in the lymphedema disease process. Refer to us sooner rather than later. What does lymphedema treatment consist of? Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the gold standard for lymphedema treatment. It consists of 4 main components.

1) Compression therapy
2) Manual lymphatic drainage
3) Decongestive exercises
4) Instruction in proper skin and nail care

Lymphedema Surveillance Programs

Let us help you monitor your patients for early signs and symptoms of lymphedema. Breast cancer survivors, head and neck cancer survivors, and melanoma survivors are frequently at risk for developing lymphedema if the survivor has had lymph nodes removed or radiated. At Ribbons Physical Therapy, we take base line measurement of the at risk area. This allows us to note small changes in the area that are many times not visually noted. Comparing previous measurements as well as monitoring the consistency of the tissue in the at risk area allows for early detection of lymphedema. These patients are followed every 3 months or more frequently if indicated for 1 year. Initiating treatment early can mean the difference of utilizing a compression garment all the time versus utilizing a compression garment on an as needed basis. Only having to use a compression garment on an as needed basis allows the patient to have a higher quality of life.

Ribbons PT welcomes Delona Wampler!

We are excited to have Delona join our growing office staff. Delona arrives at Ribbons PT with 16 years experience in an outpatient Physical Therapy clinic setting. She resides in Kingsport with her husband Mark and 4 furbabies and loves doing florals, crafting and spending time with her grandbabies in her spare time. Delona’s experience in all aspects of managing a multilocation PT organization has already provided tremendous wisdom to our relatively new business. We are so grateful to have her join our family.

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