These are such loving and considerate people. Helpful in supplies and cheery attitudes throughout. Considerate with gentle tugs and more with physical therapy. It was a wonderful pleasure being with them.


Reagan and Bethany are amazing, kind and friendly. My CIPN from steroids was very bad, to the point I couldn’t drive and had issues walking. I have been getting cold laser treatment and physical therapy on my feet and hands and have had 6 treatments so far and my feet and hands are notably better and I can feel the floor. I have been passing their cards out to all my cancer patient friends. I am so happy with my progress.


Kelli H

I want to compliment your facility for your care and professionalism. Since day one I have been treated by Sheree with such care and compassion, something the medical field lacks. As patients we become numb to hospitals, treatments, surgeries and endless testing. It is so nice to go to a facility who shows this kind of care.

I am so grateful for Ribbons and so blessed Sheree has watched over me. She is truly a blessing and encouragement in this journey through breast cancer.


Judy C.

Ive went through breast cancer, 2 infections which required two surgeries in 3 weeks. Those required lots of physical therapy. I have neurothapy from chemotherapy that required PT. Sheree King is the stuff. She has really helped me over the past 1.5 yrs. She introduced me to Reagan who was also wonderful. Now I’m returning for back therapy. 🤞Great place to go!


Elizabeth P

Experts say most people drown silently, that it’s not one of those Hollywood events where there is lots of splashing and calls for help. The stricken person just slips away when family and friends are tending to everyday things and momentarily look away from you. That is how it feels to have cancer and lymphedema.

After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, a cancer patient-along with family, friends, and peers-expect life to return to something that resembles pre-cancer trauma routines and appearance. For some, maybe it is like that; but for me, that is far from the truth. Cancer is a messy business that most people don’t want to talk about and sometimes refuse to acknowledge like it is a jinx, an albatross hanging around a victim’s neck. Rather than drag everyone down or catch an eyeroll or a quasi-empathetic sigh, there comes a moment when the cancer patient, who has suffered so much trauma from all the indignities of being rendered temporarily helpless or forever changed, decides to suffer silently or even drown in the aftermath. I got to that place eighteen months after stage three metastatic breast cancer tore me from my teaching career and a very social life and dropped me into isolation at home. And I am a fortunate cancer survivor.

Compared to how I looked and felt on my worst days, I am now in great shape. My hair grew back, I wasn’t sick all the time, and I became interested in what was going on around me. And even though I looked like I had bounce back, I still had health problems. The biggest issues I had to reckon with were anxiety, focus, and lymphedema. That’s not uncommon, but if you are like me, full recovery is a mindset that doesn’t permit the notion of settling on whatever happens next. I asked my doctors for help solving the problems I had with swelling and neuropathy, and they referred me to Ribbons in Kingsport.

Ribbons has given me confidence that I can become stronger and happier in my walk through life. The atmosphere of the place alone is uplifting. Everyone at this practice is genuinely kind and caring, and every patient who visits for therapy benefits from the positivity that is in the air. I see physical therapists and occupational therapists, and in the short while I’ve had regular appointments I can tell a big difference in my health and mindset. The pain and numbness in my feet is nearly gone, and I no longer have to rely on a cane to steady myself when I walk. It is thrilling to get out of bed and not worry about falling, go up and down stairs without losing balance, and go into a building without help of any kind-and walk normally in a straight line.

My lymphedema is being properly managed now, and my therapist is helping me with exercises and treatments that give me more sensitivity. The exercises I’ve learned are helping me pick up small objects, and I’ve not broken any eggs when removing them from the carton (That’s a thing,  you know…. grasping something and either crushing it in your fingers or dropping it on the floor!). Numbness and pain in your hands and arms is a major disability, and it is exciting to reclaim lost ground.

My mind is clearer, and my wellness is the best it’s been since being diagnosed with cancer. I know in my heart and soul that had I not been referred to Ribbons, I would have drowned by now. I am so grateful for their kindness, expertise, support and love. They are my blessing that has helped me stand up and move freely through life.


Liz P

I was referred to Ribbons PT by my radiologist and oncologist. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which has metastasized to bones and lungs. I feel comfortable going because I know everyone there has some kind of cancer. I don’t fell self-conscience at all. Sheree and Reagan have helped so much with my pain, my range of motion (arm, shoulder), my endurance and energy level. It’s never boring. Even after 8 months, I’ve never had the same session twice. I feel safe as they regularly check my blood pressure, oxygen, and heart rate.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done and continue to do. You all are awesome!

Michelle M

Ribbons PT is a positive place. Everyone is helpful and responds to questions and needs. Sheree has been a Godsend for my improved health. After a double mastectomy and removal of several nodes in my arm, I was sent to Sheree. She worked with me to give me full movement of my arm. Sheree is caring and always works to improve my health. She helps my body, mind and spirit.


I had breast cancer and they removed lymph nodes in my right armpit. I was in Bristol Regional Medical Center 18 times in 1 year. My friend at church who worked the Bristol cancer center told me about Ribbons. I got a referral from my doctor. The first time I visited Ribbons I was very nervous, but Sheila at the reception desk put me at ease. And Mary Beth knows what therapy and treatments every person needs. I recommend Ribbons to anyone who needs it. Everyone is friendly and helpful and knowledgeable.


Thanks for being such a sweet person, you brighten everyone’s day when they come through the door.

Mary Beth,

Thank you for working with me and teaching me all the stuff to do for my arm. You are such a sweet person too. I keep you all at Ribbons in my thoughts and prayers.


T. Yates

Thank you Ribbons Physical Therapy for a job well done! For over 2 1/2 years the lymphedema in both of my legs kept me in agony. I didn’t even know what was going on with my legs until I went to Ribbons. Thank you Sheree King and staff for your help.


R. Clark

To everyone at Ribbons,

My husband and I want to THANK YOU for the level of care you’ve shown to both of us. Cancer is hard on the patient, but also on the care-giver. You all have made us feel welcome, and treated us both with kindness and patience. I can’t think of any place I’d rather be treated at!

With Blessings,

B. Wilder

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event in every category. When it came time for physical therapy after surgery and radiation, a dear friend who had breast cancer a year earlier had seen Sheree King at Ribbons Physical Therapy to assist her recovery. My surgeon gladly made the referral to Sheree as she had other patients who had positive results at Ribbons PT.
Sheree’s balance of education, experience, motivation, encouragement, and caring about each patient’s unique recovery needs guide her professional manner in customizing each client’s plan. I am very pleased with the progress made toward my recovery and will recommend Ribbons PT to future cancer patients.


Jo Anne

Sheree, Reagan and Staff,

I just wanted to thank you all for the excellent care I received during our time together. Your compassion, empathy, expertise, and patience are second to none!

I especially appreciate you listening to my silly stories and making me feel so welcome during my treatment.

Thanks for everything you have done to help improve my quality of life!

Best Wishes,


Dear Sheree,

Thank you for being such an important, effective and kind lifeline for me in the months since my mastectomy. I have encountered many health care professionals in this process and your expertise and that of your staff stand out as having made a huge difference for me.

Your companionship in encountering my new body, and your ability to respond to me as an individual have provided essential guidance and comfort. In addition, your staff has been “spot on” in taking care of insurance, scheduling and referrals, and helping (husband) in a way no one else has.

I sincerely hope you will be able to make your presence more widely known, as there are many who would benefit.




Sheree was recommended to me by several people, both doctors and nurses as well as individuals like me with lymphedema (in left arm) as a result of cancer surgery and treatment. I lived and worked in Johnson City so initially I could not travel to Kingsport for therapy. My lymphedema was early stage and quickly under control. After a year I no longer needed a compression sleeve until this year. I am retired now and had a swelling and aching in my arm again. I went to Sheree and she was so thorough and knowledgeable. Since my condition is early stage, I agreed to see an assistant for my therapy, Reagan. She was so good, very calm and reassuring. She was well trained and gave me a refresher course on home care. I will not go anywhere else for treatment but Ribbons. Just a special group of people there!



Just a note to express sincere appreciation. Few neck problems come and no pain in the head, and the pump is making a significant difference in arm pit and shoulder fluid accumulation. Sheree, your knowledge and problem-solving is unsurpassed. Thank you for making my quality of life so much better currently AND for the past seven years.




Last week I completed my physical therapy at Ribbons.  It was one part of my cancer recovery treatment I was a little sad to see end.  The therapists at Ribbons became my friends as they helped to work through the needed to steps to resolve my physical problems that were a result of my chemo therapy.  They were so kind and understanding and always cautious that I was comfortable.  I walked away with far more confidence that I can do this.  The exercises and therapy for my neuropathy made so much difference.  I no longer fear falling. Sleep is much easier now that the pain in my legs and feet is nearly gone.  They addressed every issue I had with an easy to follow plan.  I cannot thank them enough for providing a safe, comfortable environment with a plan that worked so well.   I will miss my twice a week visits and can never thank them enough.



After being diagnosed with lymphedema I chose Ribbons PT and Sheree King for treatment. From the initial visit I realized this was going to be more than treatment but also education. Any and all questions I had were answered, I was treated professionally and made to feel very comfortable and encouraged. From the staff, all the way to the supplier of long term compression garments, I highly recommend Ribbons.



I started seeing Sheree in the spring of 2020. It seemed she knew right away the lymphedema in my arm was somewhat out of the ordinary. Sheree stayed in contact with my oncologist’s office and when my lymphedema wasn’t responding to treatment as it should, she suggested more scans. Sheree is truly a God send— scans and blood work did show cancer in a lymph node and metastatic breast cancer. Ibrance and radiation treatments were started. After 3 months, the next scans were clear, but cancer markers continue to go up, which causes concerns. But after seeing a specialist at Vanderbilt some of those concerns where answered . I am so thankful for Sheree, for her knowledge and professionalism, but also her empathy and passion to help her patients. She has laughed with me, listened to me cry, and I know she prays for me, because I am a work in progress. She is not only my physical therapist……I feel she is my friend.



I have seen Sheree King, CLT-LANA therapist, for over ten years. I had lymphedema undiagnosed before that as I experience it more in my trunk area. A PT seeing me for a back issue recognized it and referred me to Sheree. Thankful…as I experience such relief from a burdensome problem with Sheree’s massage. When I receive a treatment, by that afternoon I can feel a release of the heaviness. It usually takes a few sessions to get it fully resolved but always heads toward relief on the first treatment. One simply has to lay there with no pain or work as Sheree does the work of massage. If you haven’t tried lymphatic massage for lymphedema, I encourage you to make an appointment with Sheree. Her facility is clean, calm, peaceful and very COVID conscious. Sheree is cautious in her out of work encounters considering her patients’ safety foremost. She really is a gem in the medical realm. Sheree is highly intelligent and has a kind, gentle way making visits comforting. Cancer warriors need cheerleaders and advocates on their side. Sheree encompasses both. I trust her abilities and integrity 100 percent.


Donna S.