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Special Newsletter: Ribbons PT – Not Just For Lymphedema!

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You already know we began the mission of Ribbons PT to be a space where cancer and lymphedema patients who struggle with body image issues can feel safe and comfortable being the same as everyone else, so that healing can begin when they walk in the door. But you may not know that we treat your patient for any rehabilitative therapies as long as they have current or prior history of cancer and/or lymphedema.

What makes Ribbons PT unique?

For Primary Care Providers

You finally have a source to refer your cancer and/or lymphedema patients who are still suffering from the effects of the disease and/or treatments. Typical physical and cognitive deficits patients experience as cancer and/or lymphedema sufferers:

  • CIPN (Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy), Fall risk, Balance issues
  • CICI or RICD (Chemo Induced Cognitive Impairment “Chemo
    Brain”/Radiation Induced Cognitive Decline “Rad Brian”)
  • Radiation Fibrosis
  • Strengthening/endurance for CRF (Cancer Related Fatigue)
  • Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  • Pelvic health deficits (including breast cancer patients undergoing hormonal therapy) such as incontinence, fecal or urinary urgency and dyspareunia.

For Vascular Surgeons

  • Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) by Certified Lymphedema Therapists for patients suffering from lymphedema or lipedema
  • Therapy for venous insufficiency not yet requiring surgery

For Surgeons

The region’s only clinic offering lymphedema surveillance programs starting pre-op for breast, Head and Neck and melanoma patients

For Thoracic/Pulmonary Surgeons

Pre-habilitation therapy to make borderline lung cancer surgery patients obtain candidacy, and improve outcomes, reduce recovery and increase QoL for all lung cancer surgery patients

For Medical Oncologists

  • The region’s only oncology rehab clinic to offer cold laser to help patients stay on chemo treatment plan of care by managing CIPN (Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy)
  • The region’s only oncology memory/cognitive clinic to manage effects of CICI “Chemo brain”
  • Strengthening/fatigue programs for CRF (Cancer Related Fatigue) to manage overall health/increase recovery rates between chemo treatments to help patients stay on their chemo treatment plan and mitigate balance/fall risks
  • Manage effects caused by osteoporosis/osteopenia and instruct in safe bone building exercises

For Radiation Oncologists

  • The region’s only oncology memory/cognitive clinic to manage effects of RICD (Radiation Induced Cognitive Decline/”Rad brain”) for SCLC, brain mets, HNC Head and Neck cancer), melanoma and others
  • Treatment for radiation fibrosis
  • Work in conjunction with SLP (Speech Language Pathology) and ENTs to monitors for lymphedema in HNC patients

Our Therapists have specialized training, knowledge and experience in treating patients with cancer. They understand the uniqueness of each individual patient and how their chemo/radiation treatments impact their bodies and their capabilities/limitations to handle their treatments. While catering to their individual needs our therapists routinely encourage patients to adhere to their providers’ care plans to help improve outcomes and QoL.

There are three simple ways to refer patients for treatment:


Download our referral form and fax it to (423) 251-4743


Call us directly at (423) 251-4742


For Ballad providers, we have access to Epic.
Simply call us with Patient name, DOB, and MRN

We’re Empowering Patients to Live Life to the Fullest!

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