Specialty Treatments and Programs

Why should Physicians/referring providers consider Ribbons Physical Therapy as part of your care plan?

Your patient has just been given news they never wanted to hear. They have hundreds of questions. They want the best care they can find so they can fight this disease to the best of their ability. They want to live as normal a life as they can. They want to feel comfortable as they navigate all the specialized care they are experiencing.

As their provider, you want confidence that your patient’s extended care team meets the highest level of quality care you are accustomed to providing your patients, throughout their plan of care. Ribbons Physical Therapy is the only outpatient rehabilitation clinic in the East Tennessee region that is exclusively treating only Cancer Survivors and Lymphedema patients. By doing so, we provide an environment for healing where the patient does not have to worry about his/her body image and can focus entirely on healing.

As you know, prevention and positive mental attitude are 2 key requirements for improved outcomes. Our surveillance programs have proven highly successful in determining potential deficits and responding with treatments early in stages of development, thereby minimizing impact to the patient and therefore improving outcomes and quality of life. These surveillance programs assess patients pre-treatment (or ASAP) to assess their case and obtain baseline measurements, with follow up post-treatment and quarterly for a year from first visit to monitor for lymphedema and/or address any neuroskeletal issues as they arise. We offer these programs for the following conditions:

  • Breast cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Head and Neck
  • CICI/RICI “Chemo/Rad brain”

We also believe our role in caring for your patients to be inclusive of their mental well-being. Because we have the advantage of spending time with patients one on one for 45-60 minutes in private settings we are developing deep relationships that provide an outlet for patients to discuss their journey in an intimate way. Combined with our Occupational Therapist’s education in cognitive behavior and psychology we are able to encourage patients to consistently adhere to your plan of care and address any cognitive issues as they present themselves.

We would love to be part of your care team. Together, we can help your patients “Live life to the fullest!”

How To Refer:

  • For Ballad providers, Ribbons Physical Therapy has access to Epic. Simply drop the order into Epic then call our office (423-251-4742) with patient name, DOB, and Epic MR#. Otherwise,
  • Use your own order/referral form and fax to (423) 251-4743, or
  • Download our referral form below and fax to (423) 251-4743, or
  • Call (423) 251-4742 with patient contact information/demographics and reason for referral and we will take care of the rest.

Therapies for your Patients

  • Tele-screening
  • Cold laser/LLLT
  • Complete Decongestive Therapy/CDT for Lymphedema
  • Personalized therapeutic exercise programs for strengthening and ROM to address issues caused by the disease and/or treatment
    • Fatigue
    • Generalized weakness
    • Osteopenia/osteoporosis
    • CIPN and peripheral neuropathy/balance issues
    • Difficulty with ADLs
    • Cognitive training

While our focus is on helping your Patients, it also helps your practice

In the modern world of medicine, performance is always measured and/or shared on social media platforms. By monitoring and addressing issues early through our surveillance programs and providing lymphedema and cancer rehab treatments to keep patients active and performing well, they can better tolerate surgeries and chemo and radiation treatments. When side effects from these treatments become too burdensome, the patient may choose to delay or even cancel treatment. Having patients achieve optimal physical and emotional health throughout their journey will improve outcomes and therefore satisfaction and overall value-based scores. Additionally, Ribbons Physical Therapy is an ideal referral source to address many requirements for lymphedema and cancer rehabilitation set forth by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) accreditation, specifically the enhancements made effective in 2021.

A word about the unique capabilities our incredible clinical staff

Our clinical staff includes both physical and occupational therapists, each of whom have successfully completed 135 hours of lymphedema treatment education and have received CLT certification (Certified Lymphedema Therapist). In 2007 Sheree received accreditation from Lymphology Association of North America, currently the only registered LANA therapist in the Upper East Tennessee region. There are only a handful of CLT therapists in our region and we have 4 of them!  

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