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Volume 1/Issue 1 – Jan 2021

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Did you know Cancer Related Fatigue is the most common side effect related to cancer treatments? Referring patients to physical therapy can assist your patients in combatting fatigue. Ribbons Physical Therapy can develop an individualized program for patients including endurance training, strength training, energy conservation education, and education in good sleep hygiene. All provided in a safe envirnoment. 

Do Your Patients Need Help with New Year’s Resolutions to Exercise?

During COVID, your patients may not feel comfortable going to the community gym.  Here at Ribbons PT, we can instruct cancer survivors in an individualized exercise program which later they can choose to progress to a gym or continue on their own at home.  Cancer survivors need a supervised exercise program as not to cause development of lymphedema and taking precautions due to any balance/sensation deficits or risk for osteopenia/porosis that are present so that no injury occurs with initiating an exercise program.   Ribbons PT provides a safe environment following CDC guidelines to prevent COVID exposure.

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