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Volume 1/Issue 2 – May 2021

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 Chemo induced peripheral neuropathy is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Published in a recent article, the current literature agrees that chemotherapy negatively impacts balance with a resulting increase in risk of falls. Literature even shows that this risk extends beyond 5 years of survivorship. 

Wechsler, S.,Wood, L. The Effect of Chemotherapy on Balance, Gait, and Falls Among Cancer Survivors: A Scoping Review. Rehabilitation Oncology, 39(1),6-22. 

Fear of Falling

Cancer survivors experiencing a fear of falling negatively impacts mental health and physical function. It prevents survivors from returning to pre cancer activities and inability to function in roles which they previously did not have difficulty. Thus, cancer survivors may experience identity challenges because of adaptations in roles. 

Covington,L.,et. al. “Life Isn’t as Carefree as It Used to Be”: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Experiences of Women With Fear of Falling During Cancer Survivorship. Rehabilitation Oncology, 39(1),38-47 

Ribbons Physical Therapy can assist cancer survivors in improving balance and overcoming fear of falling. Patients will receive a thorough evaluation assessing strength, range of motion, sensation, and balance to formulate an individualized program to improve balance and confidence in performing activities of daily living. Cold laser therapy is also available to decrease symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Ribbons Physical Therapy treats cancer survivors and lymphedema patients exclusively. We are not an orthopedic clinic which happens to also treat cancer survivors. Patients feel at ease in our office in that they can focus on healing and not be concerned about his/her appearance. We provide one on one care and private rooms are available. 

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