Donna S.

I have seen Sheree King, CLT-LANA therapist, for over ten years. I had lymphedema undiagnosed before that as I experience it more in my trunk area. A PT seeing me for a back issue recognized it and referred me to Sheree. Thankful…as I experience such relief from a burdensome problem with Sheree’s massage. When I receive a treatment, by that afternoon I can feel a release of the heaviness. It usually takes a few sessions to get it fully resolved but always heads toward relief on the first treatment. One simply has to lay there with no pain or work as Sheree does the work of massage. If you haven’t tried lymphatic massage for lymphedema, I encourage you to make an appointment with Sheree. Her facility is clean, calm, peaceful and very COVID conscious. Sheree is cautious in her out of work encounters considering her patients’ safety foremost. She really is a gem in the medical realm. Sheree is highly intelligent and has a kind, gentle way making visits comforting. Cancer warriors need cheerleaders and advocates on their side. Sheree encompasses both. I trust her abilities and integrity 100 percent.