Not only can the cancer itself cause problems completing daily tasks, but some of the side effects of the cancer treatment may make it difficult to perform activities of daily living as well.  Our physical and occupational therapists can assist with minimizing deficits fighting cancer that one may experience and help get them back to normal activities. Our lymphedema surveillance program monitors for early signs of lymphedema both pre- and post-surgery for a year. These programs are available for breast, melanoma, and head & neck patients. In addition to monitoring for lymphedema, we can address any musculoskeletal issues that may arise in its early stages. Ribbons is the region’s only outpatient clinic that is devoted solely to cancer rehabilitation where a comfortable environment is provided so that patients can focus on healing without having to worry about his/her body image. With 4 Certified Lymphedema Therapists encompassing both physical and occupational therapy, your patients can be seen in a timely manner.  

Common effects found in cancer patients

  • Cancer related fatigue              
  • Generalized weakness
  • Chemotherapy induced cognitive impairment (CICI)
  • Osteopenia/Osteoporosis
  • Lymphedema
  • Loss of range of motion or difficulty moving
  • Peripheral neuropathy/balance
  • Difficulties with activities of daily living/return to work

Treatments available

  • Cold laser therapy
  • Complete Decongestive Therapy for lymphedema
  • Cognitive training
  • Personalized strengthening and range of motion program to address individual needs
  • Balance training
  • Endurance training
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